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In one powerful platform encompassing multiple ad formats, CitrusAd brings you the largest e-commerce ad network of grocery stores in the US, putting the reach of more than 22,000 stores and $182 billion in retail sales at your fingertips.

CitrusAd offers a fully managed service for your brand, including a guaranteed and easy to plan option of buying fixed placements. If you prefer to manage your campaigns directly, the CitrusAd platform also offers complete self-serve capability with the click of a button. Book a meeting with one of our experts or get started now.

With more than 40 billion sponsored product impressions and

9 Billion Banner Impressions available at the point of purchase, there's no better place to spend your advertising dollars.

Network Retailer Snapshot:

Sponsored Products

Banner Ads

Email Placements

Brand Pages

One Ad Platform

Multiple Ad Types

CitrusAd offers multiple ad formats in one place so you can get your brand message across and measure the performance of your campaigns in one convenient location 

Sponsored Products

Citrus provides native ad placements in premium top row locations across its retail partners

Banner Ads

CitrusAd offers banner ads across all of its retail partners in order to showcase your brand message. 

Brand Pages

Enhance your own brand experience within the retailer environment using our brand page tool.

Email Placements

Expand your advertising reach to valuable off-site channels including email ads

We Love what we do.

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Performance Based Media 

with Real Time Reporting

Now that's refreshing

Clicks, Impressions, Sales, CPC, CTR, ROI & Share of Voice

Get the reporting data that really matters at your fingertips in real time, 24/7.

Reporting by time period

Understand performance during key periods with fully customisable date range selections.

SKU, Keyword, & campaign level reports

Deeper performance understanding based on key levels of reporting.

Campaign Pacing

Ensure you product and display ads are pacing correctly with our real time pacing reports

Buy Guaranteed Premium

Ad Placements

With CitrusAd's new fixed tenancy buying option

Guarantee your products are placed in the top highest selling positions at the point of purchase.

Own the search terms exclusively and lock out your competition

Lock in fixed rates now to capitalise on online shopping's year on year organic growth.

Flexible long term, medium term and short term packages available

ROAS guarantee of between 250% and 500% 

Create Campaigns in Minutes

With CitrusAd's easy to use Ad Platform

Create your campaign in 4 easy steps

Select which retailers you'd like to target or target the whole network

Select the products you wish to promote

Select Search Terms you wish to bid on

Select your campaign budget and max CPC

Add funds to your account by using our credit card facility or by contacting one of our sales team 

The Power of CitrusAd's Responsive Banner Ads

CitrusAd provides a world first responsive display ad in both single product tile and double tile format. These innovative banners sit in the native product units and boast an average CTR of between 0.7% and 8.0%


Using responsive tile display ads in conjunction with sponsored products, a brand was able to successfully launch a brand new product while

Increasing category marketshare by 500 basis points in less than 10 weeks

Up-Selling 35% of its customers to a newer, more expensive product

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Powering Campaigns for the World's largest and Smallest Brands

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