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With 50+ billion impressions at the point of purchase, there’s no better place to spend your advertising dollars.  


Our growing network of retailers:


One platform, multiple ads.

Sponsored products

Sponsored products allows your brands to compete for top point of sale ad placements across ecommerce retailers nationally - all on the one platform with transparent retailer reporting


CitrusAd provides first-class responsive display ads that sit natively on the digital shelf, boasting an average CTR of 0.7% to 8%.


Use graphical media to target customers throughout their shopping journey, driving brand awareness and sales where it counts - at the point of purchase.

Brand Pages

Create a branded aisle on the digital shelf. Showcase the full breadth of your products and brands, with opportunities for co-branding.

Plus: New fixed tenancy options.

Own your most influential online shopping search terms.  Secure your strongest performing, must-win keywords at a fixed price to ensure your brand’s presence on the digital shelf.

Create campaigns in minutes.

Select your products
Select your search term
Select your budget

Real-time reporting, transparency & control.

Clicks, imp, sales, CPC, CTR
Report by time period
SKU, keyword level reports
Precise pacing control

Born from retail.

CitrusAd isn’t a tech platform that dabbles in retail. We’re designed and built for retail - by retail experts, grown from 20 years of shelf-stacking industry experience. With today’s online focus, we can help retailers and brands grow in the digital space - and instore too.

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