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Just 12 months after its product launch, the Citrus platform was adopted by more than 25 global retailers in 11 countries reaching more than 100 million customers and 9.5 billion website page views.

About Citrus

Launched in 2016, Citrus is a world first digital platform that has unleashed the potential of online shelf space. Citrus effectively turns online retailer websites into highly targeted and revenue generating digital advertising platforms, and in the process has changed the way in which retailers, advertisers and customers manage and experience eCommerce. Citrus brings personalisation and monetisation together for the very first time and provides a true win for every party in the value chain.

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What Is Citrus?

Citrus is a simple Javascript integration into retailer’s eCommerce, websites and loyalty platforms. From that moment on manufacturers can set up accounts with Citrus to start targeting the customers they want by positioning their products in the top highest selling positions.

Retailers are able to create a new revenue stream by monetising their digital real estate, and allowing advertisers to compete in a live auction for prime position on their sites. Advertisers can bid for the highest selling positions and more accurately target their audience at the point of purchase, and customers enjoy an easier, more tailored experience.

This is critical, as according to Amazon, 65% of clicks come from the top 3 spots and 87% of clicks are from the first page in eCommerce pages.


Advertisers can also apply discounts in real-time and send sample products at the click of a button. Citrus also features advanced reporting and analytics that tracks every click and dollar spent right through to a sale, thereby eliminating any grey area around an advertisers ROI.

The Facts


In Funding Since 2017


Federal Government Entrepreneurs Program Grant

Partner Program

USA, Australia, UK & Europe

11 Countries

Of Operation

7 Retail Industries

And Growing

4.5 Billion

Annual Page Views

Systematically Sharp

Along with understanding the core of eCommerce, the founders and founding development team had a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, machine learning and developing algorithms for ranking product relevancy.


It is from this knowledge and the ‘sum of all parts’ that enabled the Citrus product to be built from paper to product within 12 months and serve 2 million ads on its first day of operation, launching with one of the world’s largest online retailers. Since then Citrus has grown to more than 20 employees and two dozen retail partners across four countries and continues its aggressive roll out and has established its technology as a dominant ad-serving player in the electrical, fashion, homewares, sporting, pharmaceutical, grocery, liquor and marketplace industries. 

Our Founders

Brad Moran

Chief Executive Officer

Brad’s career began in the arena of elite sport, and he’s been kicking goals ever since. Brad started his first tech company in 2011, which quickly evolved into a world leading grocery and liquor eCommerce system. It wasn’t all smooth sailing but this is where Brad excelled and where he experienced first-hand the problems both retailers and manufacturers faced in our digital world. The ground-breaking idea for Citrus was conceived soon after this time, and the green shoots of a very tasty technology product was grown.

Nick Paech

Chief Marketing Officer

After graduating from University in Adelaide, Nick immediately travelled to Europe where he cut his teeth in the fast paced world of Formula 1. Some years later, Nick left the glamorous world or motor racing behind to return to Australia and work in the equally intoxicating Australian Boutique Wine Industry and later establishing his own branding and communication company. In 2011, Nick and Brad formed a strong working relationship as they established NoQ internationally. Their unique relationship has evolved into the energetic team that has successfully developed and launched Citrus.

Mohammad Alinia

Chief Technology Officer

Mohammad has a juicy track record building and commercialising highly technical products in Australia and the US. He’s a hands-on polyglot software development lead with extensive experience in Internet scale applications and DevOps architecture. Mohammad’s leadership has been central to producing our unique, world first platform. His passion for machine learning and artificial intelligence has amazed us all.

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