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CitrusAd streamlines media sales and ad-serving for more than half of the top 20 retailers in the world. Our platform makes it easy for brands and retailers to work together to increase sales where it matters most - online at the point of purchase. 

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Fast, personalised and native, with seamless integration. It just looks right. And it works.

Banner Advertising

Natively served. Increase click-through rates at the point of purchase. Self-serve advertising and placement with real-time ROI reporting for your brands. 

Branded Landing Pages

Brands create self-serve landing pages, seamlessly uploaded through your API. Retailers simply approve partner brands’ campaigns!

Email Placements

In-email banners and product placement delivered direct to customers, promoting the products and brands relevant to them. Reduce wasted opportunities and increase CTRs.


Local Insight.

Global Scale.


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“An easy to use, self-serve performance-based retail media platform that offers our brands the best in terms of digital campaign design, delivery and measurement, whilst enhancing and maintaining our customers online shopping experience.”

- James Moir, Managing Director, Nectar360.

You get what you pay for.


Advertise at the point of purchase with simplicity, transparency and an incredible ROI.

Real-time reporting

Accurate and transparent real-time campaign performance for you and your advertisers, using our intuitive dashboard.

Quick to launch

Of course you have a plan, but sometimes you need to launch a campaign fast - and you can. 

Simple and easy to use

Designed with simplicity in mind. Our platform offers multi-wallet options for brands and filtered reporting for departments and categories.

Smart data at your fingertips

Analyse your online customer behaviour. Target and refine campaigns to drive data-driven results.

Online sales increase in-store sales.


Online point of purchase advertising not only works at the digital checkout, it works in-store as well. In 13 days, a new biodegradable wipe brand grew their market share at a retailer from 13% to 18%. Their total online sales grew by 40%. Interestingly, without any other marketing launch activity, instore sales also increased 18%.


Simply Better technology.

Ad-serving speed

Server to server side integration ensures smoother, faster ad-serving speed and a superior customer shopping experience.

Relevance & personalisation

Personalisation in real-time ensures a better ROI for brands and an improved shopping experience for customers. 

Avoid ad blockers

Missed revenue from ad blockers is easily avoided with the right technology, integrated the right way.

Scalability with flexibility