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The World's Fastest Growing Retail Media Platform

Citrus has become the retail industry’s preferred ad platform for sponsored products, banners and email ads.

Combining Personalisation with Monetisation is what makes Citrus refreshingly unique.

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The Complete Digital Ad Platform

Citrus is scalable, auction based advertising software built for e-commerce retailers to easily integrate into. Our API keeps the e-commerce retailer in full control on how, when, where and how often ads are shown.

Native Sponsored Products

Sponsored products at the digital point of purchase will always be one of the most powerful tools for driving discoverability and sales of products.

Native product placements

Products are only promoted into locations they are already eligible for.

Personalised and targeted 

Results are personalised to each customer and advertisers can target specific customer groups.

No minimum spend

Making the platform accessible to advertisers of any size.

Banner Ads

Banner advertising is a brilliant introducer to an advertiser's brand message and absolutely influences online and in store sales.

Banners link to products for relevancy

Linking products to banners results in relevant ads. Banners are no longer just about impressions or brand awareness, they are now here to help drive sales.

Custom banners to each retailer's specifications

Give advertisers autonomy in running campaigns but not at the cost of your brand guidelines.

Responsive banner support

Capable of serving responsive banner ads that are both IAB & WCAG2.1 certified.

Real Time Reporting

The reporting dashboard gives you real time insights to important KPI’s.

Clicks, Impressions, Sales, CPC, CTR, ROI

Multiple reporting metrics at your fingertips for responsive optimisation.

Reporting by time period

Understand performance during key periods with fully customisable selection.

SKU, Keyword, & campaign level reports

Deeper performance understanding based on key levels of reporting.

Personalisation is Key

Using first party (unidentifiable) sales data from the retailer, Citrus is able to deliver relevant and personalised content to the retailer's e-commerce server.

Products and banners returned as SKU and image URL

Returning only the essentials enables CitrusAd to rapidly return relevant personalised content.

Ads returned in less than 50ms

Server to server integration ensures ads are served faster.

In The Media

A Plethora of Features

We're consistently adding features to support our retailers and suppliers get the most out of CitrusAd.

For Retailers

Custom Floor Pricing

Set specific minimum pricing for your home, category and search pages.

Setting floor pricing across individual pages

Ensure that you effectively monetise your highest value website positions.

For Retailers

Private Label Ads

Retailers have the ability to setup ads of their own using the Citrus Wildcard function.

Promote private label products

Use CitrusAd to advertise your own brand products.

Select exact product positioning

Control precisely where your products are positioned on your website.

Set minimum bars for top positioning

Position your products in prime position unless your minimum bid is met.

For Suppliers

Multi Wallet Support

Use wallets to manage your spend across internal departments and advertising countries.

Manage multi department advertising with one account

Set up individual wallets for each department instead of setting up teams.

For Suppliers

Create Campaigns With Tags

Create product ad campaigns by defining product tags and a price range.

Create broad campaigns

Select products based off of key attributes to create broad campaigns.

Select advertised product price range

Easily select products based off of a specific price range.

Featured Advertisers

For All

An Easy to Use Platform

The Ad wizard takes you through every step of your ad creation in a simple to understand layout.

Straightforward campaign creation

Self service and efficient campaign creation, be live within 48 hours.

Help tips for each and every step

Clarification for every step, in case you need a deeper explanation.

For Suppliers

Advanced Campaign Features

Create the right campaign for you with advanced features to support advertisers.

Custom campaign date ranges

Increase your visibility in key sales periods for your brand and run targeted time blocked campaigns.

Total or daily spend options

Flexibility on spending options that work best for your brands strategy.

View average winning CPC ranges and top search terms

Know where you should set campaign strategies in order to perform competitively.

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