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The power to own premium digital shelf space, increasing your sales and brand awareness.


Point of purchase visibility.

Sponsored Products

With 80% of clicks and impressions coming from the top two rows on ecommerce platforms, make sure your products are in the best position to ensure a click to the cart.

Banner advertising

Seamless, self-serve banner creation and scheduling. Point of purchase location gets immediate attention. Combine with a sponsored product campaign for maximum brand impact. Influence sales and brand awareness.

Branded landing pages

Create your own branded landing page. Display the full breadth of your products to existing and new customers. Edit in real-time for instant updates.

Fixed Tenancy

Secure the top selling positions on digital retail platforms. Lock out the competition and build sales momentum with product placement in the most visible and clicked positions

Self-serve simplicity.

With our intuitive dashboard, you can plan long-term campaigns - or react quickly to create new campaigns in minutes. Real-time reporting keeps your finger on the pulse.


Fast and easy ad creation 

In a busy retail environment, your digital advertising campaigns are clear and simple with CitrusAd. It’s quick and easy to set-up. And easy to tweak and adjust. Target your search terms. Select your SKUs. Set your maximum CPC. Start your campaigns and see results. Instantly.

Immediate impact 

Your campaigns can go live in minutes. Plan long-term or react instantly. Booking campaigns week in advance is history with CitrusAd’s flexibility.

Clarity of performance

Crystal clear reporting ensures you can see the value of your campaign spend. Real time reporting for clicks, impressions, CPC, CPA, CTR, units sold, sales value, ROAS.  Everything you need is clear to see on our intuitive dashboard.

Strong return on investment.


Performance based advertising with real-time reporting at the point of purchase.


Average ROAS across all retailers sits between 200% to 400%. And this is just from the positions you’re winning.  Add the broader influence to total market share growth and instore sales and CitrusAd paints a positive picture for your brands.

1:1 attribution

Every ad served has a unique identifier to accurately report every click to sale.

Simple and easy to use

Product tracking ensures media is only placed for in-stock SKUs. So there’s no wasted campaign spend on out-of-stock products.

Easy to use. Go Iive fast. Immediate impact.

Select products
Set Your Budget
Target your audience

Advanced advertiser features.

Real-time reporting dashboards
Daily and total spend budget management
Campaign date ranges - forward and present
Target top search terms
Average winning CPCs
Product stock indication

Results matter.

Winning retail media positions positively impacts your online sales. The good news is that CitrusAd also shows a positive impact with instore results.


Average ROAS


Average CPA


Average conversion rate (Tier 1 grocery)

CitrusAd drives instore sales too.

Online point-of-purchase advertising not only works at the digital check-out, it works instore as well. In 13 days, a new biodegradable-wipe brand grew their market share at a retailer from 13% to 18%. Their total online sales grew by 40%. Interestingly, without any other marketing launch activity, instore sales also increased 18%

Instore mobile use
Research online - buy instore

Our experience is your experience.

With CitrusAd on your side, our IP is your IP. We look forward to creating new partnerships with brands all over the world to join the online retail revolution.

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