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Relevant Banner Advertising

Along with custom sizing, formats and a banner review process, Citrus enforces that each banner must be linked to at least one product code.

There are three core reasons for this unique approach:

  1. Linking a product code ensures that banners are only shown on pages relevant to the product they are associated with, ensuring consumers are not presented with irrelevant content

  2. If a banner is linked to a product code Citrus can generate a more thorough relevancy score for the banner and provide personalised banner content to each customer. Using the linked product, Citrus can obtain pricing information about the banner, product attributes and other performance factors such as product CTR ensuring that banner ads contain the same level of relevancy scrutiny as Product Listing Ads.

  3. Linking a product code to a banner allows Citrus to track exact ROI (sales) against banner impressions and clicks, giving advertisers unprecedented ROI reporting on all types of ad formats

Citrus supports purchase association of 1:1 purchasing and 1:many purchasing such as brand banners 

Custom Banner Ads

Since the Citrus platform is designed as a white label, native ad server for retailers, banners can be configured based on each individual retailers needs. Every aspect from banner dimensions, file sizes, file types and artwork guidelines can be customised by a retailer enabling sponsored content to match the “look and feel” of a retailers brand. 

Effortless Revenue Generation

Advertisers manage their banners, desired slots, strategy, and targeting specifications.

Once Ads are approved, let your Advertisers do the bidding.

Responsive Banner Ads

As Citrus are able to serve more than a single image to your eCommerce server, we can support your own current responsive banner formats.

Responsive banners utilise HTML assets and  enable Advertisers to reach every digital touchpoint whilst maintaining the Retailer's high standards of website accessibility, readability, and responsivity for their visually impaired customers

Complete Creative Control

Each and every Banner Ad shown on your site is subject to your individual guidelines, specifications and content rules. Banners must adhere to a set content standard document outlining content structure, sizing, and rules. Responsive Banner Ads can adhere to site frameworks such as fonts, sizes, character limits, image sizing.

Use the Citrus Portal to view, review, and approve Banner Ads that must adhere to the rules you set

Every Device, Channel, Format & Customer

The Citrus solution allows Retailers to serve native ads and relevant banners to any and every digital customer touch point, including native iOS, Mobile applications, and in store displays. Since the communication between Citrus and each Retailer is via the back end, ad requesting and ad serving is identical across all device types. For reporting impressions and clicks, Citrus can provide a native mobile SDK (as It does on the website with its Javascript SDK)

Auction Based Bidding

Citrus Banner Ads are served on a CPM auction based bidding model. Page opportunities and ad reach are not confined by the barriers of tenancy and fixed price slots. This approach opens up the opportunity for more competition and higher ad yield.

Retailers have the power of setting CPM minimums on a slot by slot basis to push up the prices on different tier pages. In the event minimum CPMs aren't met Retailer's have the additional option to load internal fallback banners to promote their own material.

Back End Banners

Content is hosted on each Retailer's CDN to ensure quality, security and speed optimisation.

When Ads are requested Citrus sends an object containing ImageUrl and other Banner data directly to the Retailer's back end. Server side integration allows retailers to serve banners to mobile SDK, in store screens, and any digital touchpoints.

Behaviour Based Banners

Banners are personalised based on a customer's previous purchase history and on-site buying behaviour. This feature is highly effective for homepage banners as each customer may see a different banner based on the categories, searches, brands, and price ranges they shop within.

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