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We’re on a mission to send old ideas to the trash and to usher in new, exciting, world changing thinking. We’re revolutionising private channel digital display advertising across the world by bringing 1:1 shopper engagement and monetisation together for the first time. If that sounds like a bus you’d like to hop on, come and have an amazing impact with us.

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Want a slice of the action?

You too can be a part of the Citrus story. If you provide e-commerce solutions to successful online retailers, then we’d love to have you on board.

By partnering with Citrus, you can expand your offer to existing customers, gain a new point of difference and potentially gain new customers as a result.
It’s also a chance to establish and grow a new and exciting passive revenue stream for you and your clients. We share the revenue with you 50/50, sounds pretty tasty, doesn’t it?

As developers, you’ll be happy to hear that we build Citrus with you in mind first. It was build by developers for developers, and you’ll love our dedication to writing beautiful and efficient code.

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Integrate with Citrus

Unlike many arduous and long winded technology integrations, the Citrus implementation is short and sweet. It has been designed by developers for developers so we know what makes a good software partner. Our documentation is readily accessible and in SDK’s are available in multiple languages. Once you begin, you’ll get your own dedicated line of communication to our development team via Slack.

require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

// Configure API key authorization: TokenSecurity
Citrus\Configuration::getDefaultConfiguration()->setApiKey('Authorization', 'YOUR_API_KEY');
// Uncomment below to setup prefix (e.g. Bearer) for API key, if needed
// Citrus\Configuration::getDefaultConfiguration()->setApiKeyPrefix('Authorization', 'Bearer');

$api_instance = new Citrus\Api\DefaultApi();
$context = new \Citrus\Model\Context(); // \Citrus\Model\Context | 

try {
    $result = $api_instance->generateProductAds($context);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Exception when calling DefaultApi->generateProductAds: ', $e->getMessage(), PHP_EOL;
Content-Type: application/json
    "catalogId": "string",
    "customerId": "string",
    "searchTerm": "string",
    "productFilters": [
    "categoryHierarchy": [
    "substitutedProductGtin": "string",
    "pageType": "string",
    "currentCartItems": [
            "gtin": "string",
            "quantity": "number",
            "regularUnitPrice": "number",
            "totalOrderItemPriceAfterDiscounts": "number",
            "adId": "string",
            "citrusDiscountAmount": "number",
            "substitutedFor": "object"
    "maxNumberOfAds": "integer"
<script type="text/javascript">
  var citrusAd = CitrusAd.init({
    disableTracking: false,
    overrideApiAddress: ""
      Above address determines which environment clicks and impressions are being reported to.
      - Staging:
      - Production AU:
      - Production US:
  citrusAd.reportClick('adId', 'teamId').then(function (result) {
  }).catch(function (error) {
  citrusAd.reportImpression('adId', 'teamId').then(function (result) {
  }).catch(function (error) {
Full API reference Or connect automatically with our Magento plugin
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Citrus Influencer Program

We’re always keen to work with key players in the industry such as ad agencies, media buyers,
marketing agencies, PR agencies and individuals.

We know you’re always looking for ways to help your key clients to grow their revenues and to navigate
the fast changing digital landscape. By referring Citrus to them you can achieve all of this, and we will
compensate you for doing so. The more successful they are with Citrus, the more commission you earn.


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Who can benefit from Citrus?

Online Retailers

Help retailers grow an exciting passive
income stream and improve their online
shopping experience for customers.


Help manufacturers target customers
they can’t get to now and increase
their sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of companies can partner with Citrus?

    The Citrus partner program lends itself to almost any business that operates in or provides services to the online retail industry. From technology players like e-commerce, website and loyalty platforms, right through to wholesalers, media agencies, trade publications and sales brokers. If your interest is in online retail then you’re right for Citrus

  • How do I become a Citrus Partner?

    Simply click on the “sign up” button at the top of the page and register with the type of company that you are. Once you’re in, you can create teams, campaigns, invite retailers and suppliers to the system in order to generate referral revenue. If you can’t find a company type that matches yours, just click on “other” and drop us note.

  • Can I take Citrus for a test ride before becoming a partner?

    Of course. Simply sign up and you’ll get to experience all of the Citrus features and functions before you commit to working with us. If you’re interested in how you can integrate with our solution from a technical perspective you can check out our docs at If you’ve got a technical question feel free to email our development team directly at

  • How much effort is involved in integrating with Citrus?

    Most technology companies complete a display ad integration in 2-3 weeks. If you’d like to utilise all of great Citrus features such as discounting, sampling and advanced display, it’ll take another couple of weeks depending on your technology stack and familiarity with API’s.

  • Does Citrus provide SDK’s for different software development languages?

    Yes. To make life easier for tech integrations we’ve built out an SDK for .Net, Java, Node, C# & PHP. You can see a full reference to the Citrus documentation at