Reach Shoppers via the CitrusAd Platform

Target has integrated directly with CitrusAd’s world-leading retail media platform, empowering brands with the latest and most innovative retail media technology.

Target and its media company, Roundelare making retail media better, in your best interest. By directly integrating with CitrusAd’s retail media platform, Roundel is providing advertisers with the power to choose which ad platform works best for brands. With CitrusAd’s platform, your digital search or sponsored product ad investment is exclusively allocated to media, without additional technology fees, ensuring your advertising investment is maximized.

CitrusAd + Roundel

Knowledge is power and Roundelis putting Target’s intelligence right at your fingertips, helping brands leverage real-time data to attract the most relevant online shoppers, at the point of purchase when they are shopping Target's extensive shopper data is from millions of guest profiles across in-store and online, backed by a 145% in digital sales growth year over year, as well as national reach across 1,900+ stores. Combine that with CitrusAd's retail media technology for one of the most powerful and exciting digital advertising opportunities in the USA.

Easy, Fast and Fully Transparent

In May 2021, brands and advertisers will have the ability to seamlessly launch and manage their Target Product Ad campaigns via CitrusAd’s easy to use, self-serve platform or enlist the support of CitrusAd’s managed services team to drive and optimize digital media activity. Target Product Ads can be activated quickly on the CitrusAd platform, going live on and on the Target app within 24-48 hours. Additionally, CitrusAd provides robust, real-time reporting dashboards giving advertisers full transparency of the performance and analytics of their media at a product SKU level. Brands will find more flexibility in search term selectionand a one-click "automated campaign" feature to make it easy to create campaigns. This feature automates many steps including keyword, category targeting, bidding strategy, and product selection.

Other benefits include:

● Added protection to safeguard budgets, such as ensuring out-of-stock SKUs do not serve and flagging campaigns with low click-through rates

● CitrusAd’s fully-transparent reporting dashboard which provides campaign analytics, including detailed campaign breakdowns, pacing visibility, and search term metrics

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