CitrusAd for Retailers

CitrusAd was purpose-built with a retailer first focus. We enable retailers to maintain the fine line between personalisation and monetisation.

No Change to UX

Your customer experience is paramount to the performance of your e-commerce offering.

Ads are sent to the e-commerce server

Ads are sent directly to your back end server.

Fit ads to your branding

You decide how ads will appear on your site.

Server Side Integration

The way that ad serving platforms are designed can often be overlooked in the sales process with retailers being smothered with system features and benefits.

Ad Serving Speed

CitrusAd can retain a persistent HTTP connection with your server and return ads in as little as 40ms.

Security & Compliance

Asymmetric encryption in ad serving enforces every ad request made to CitrusAd on a retailers behalf is authentic and any data sent to Citrus regarding ad performance cannot be jeopardised by 3rd party attacks.

Avoid Ad Blocking

As Citrus ads are served to the retailer backend, they are considered native content and avoid ad-blocking technology. With ad blockers on a steep rise, ad-servers that load to the front end can be blocked.

Customer Personalisation

Using first party data, CitrusAd is able to calculate ad relevancy according to each customer in real time. 

Each retailer is on its own cloud infrastructure, retailers can securely send first party data to CitrusAd.

Ad Relevance

Ads are generated is on a strict 1:1 attribute matching basis. If a consumer has navigated deep into a category and applied filters, CitrusAd will only ever return ads that match all of those parameters.

Your Digital Ad Platform

Since the CitrusAd platform is designed as a white label, native ad server. Retailers maintain control of when, where, and how ads are served.

Customise ad serving rules

Control how many ads and ad types are served to each page.

Customise the relevancy algorithm to your preference

Use your knowledge of consumers who shop with you to ensure they get the best experience possible on your site. 

White label advertising portal

No need to worry about building a fully supported system in house, we make the portal suit your brand image. 

The CitrusAd Difference

 A native ad server is not only about monetising a website using supplier funds, but rather a system that lets a retailer achieve all of its own marketing objectives at the same time.

Single Ad Server

One-stop-shop for supplier advertising offering Product Listing, Banner and In-Store display ad formats. 


Citrus provides retailers with a comprehensive API allowing all communication to flow server to server. This allows personalised ads to be served in <40ms. 


Citrus is the only private marketplace ad server in the world offering multiple ad types via a self service platform.

Internal & External Ad Server

Create your own campaigns for private label products and banners.

Personalisation & Relevancy

The only private marketplace ad server in retail e-commerce that provides personalised product listing ads to consumers.

Your One Stop Ad Server

CitrusAd is your one-stop-shop for supplier advertising offering Product Listing, Banner and In-Store display ad formats. 

Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads allow retailers to monetise their top product positions while improving relevancy.

Ads are relevant to site filtering

You can rest assured every ad is in the right spot at the right time.

Exact and phrase match support

We know that not all consumers use the “digital aisle”. We allow your advertisers to advertise based on exact and phrase matched keywords.

Banner Advertising

Banners can be configured based on each individual retailers needs.

Integrated Banner standards and approval

Give advertisers autonomy in running campaigns but not at the cost of your brand guidelines.

Banners are linked to products

Linking products to banners results in relevant ads. Banners are no longer just about impressions or brand awareness, they are now here to help drive sales.

Only shown on relevant pages

Relevancy is key when capturing your shoppers at the point of purchase and our banner advertising system ensures that.

Responsive Banners

Responsive Banner Ads utilise HTML assets and enable Advertisers to reach every digital touchpoint.

Capable of serving Responsive Banner Ads that are both IAB & WCAG2.1 certified

Ensure your advertisements meet your accessibility standards and ensure every consumer group can interact with your website easily.

Responsive to any browser width

Capitalise on every device your consumers look at and provide them with best UX.

Retailer Focussed Features

CitrusAd has lots of features tailored to retailers and their needs.

Maintain Pricing & Profit Margin

Set custom pricing floors for each of applicable page on your site.

Maintain competition relevant to each category level and high traffic search terms

Ensure that you effectively monetise your highest value website positions.

Cross and Up Sell

Monetise your product description pages with sponsored related and similar products.

Place ads into similar product carousels

Place relevant upgraded products in front of engaged consumers at the final point of purchase, capitalising on impulse decision making

Create "Goes with" campaigns

Increase the basket size of consumer transactions, by surfacing relevant products. 

Reporting Metrics

View reporting data to understand the performance of your ad integration.

View data for campaigns, products, keywords and teams

Understand the deep analytics of performance across your website and which suppliers are active.

Filter by date ranges

Review key periods and specific performance data based on preset and customisable timeframes.

Download CSVs 

Download all data captured on the system and perform your own in house analytics and evaluation.

Team Visibility

Manage spend limits and billing control with the team viewer.

Set team credit limits

Set individual limits on how much advertiser teams can spend per month.

Manage billing responsibility

Manage if you or CitrusAd are responsible for billing suppliers.

Empower Your Data

Use your existing customer data to create targeting groups for your suppliers.

Connect to your data management platform

Optimise your first party data by linking it with CitrusAd.

Targeted campaigns improve relevancy

Enhance advertiser campaign relevancy and increase revenue by connecting specific audiences.

Advertiser Results Speak For Themselves

At the end of the day, what makes Citrus the most popular ad platform amongst the advertiser community is the results that we deliver for them.

Banner Ad Sales Increase

CitrusAd delivered a 50% increase in sales in just one week by combining a Banner Ad campaign with a Product Listing Ad campaign.


Average Online Sales Increase

Products live with CitrusAd have an average percentage increase in Total Online Sales of 94% (month on month).


Average Conversion Rate

Campaigns live with CitrusAd have an average click to conversion rate of 16.4% on leading retailer integrations.


Average Return on Ad Spend

CitrusAd boasts an average Return on Ad Spend of 900%.


Private Label Ads

Promote your private label products to your preferred position.

Promote private label products

Use CitrusAd to advertise your own brand products.

Select exact product positioning

Control precisely where your products are positioned on your website.

Set minimum bars for top positioning

Position your products in prime position unless your minimum bid is met.

Multi Wallet Support

Use wallets to manage your spend across internal departments and advertising countries.

Custom pricing per country or catalog

Transact in the local currency related to the catalog they are advertising in.

Create Campaigns With Tags

Create product ad campaigns by defining product tags and a price range.

Create broad campaigns

Select products based off of key attributes to create broad campaigns.

Select advertised product price range

Easily select products based off of a specific price range.

The Power of Targeting

CitrusAd supports many different targeting types when supported by your integration. More targeted and relevant campaigns can lead to more customer spend.

Keyword Targeting

Target keywords entered by customers in their searches.


Exact and phrase matching are supported.

Household Types

Target different customer household types as defined by each retailer.

Customer Spend Level

Target groups of customers defined into their own spending tiers.

Retailers can define their own customer spending tiers.

Purchase History

Target customers that have purchased selected items before. 

Product Targeting

Target products to show ads in parallel with using the Cross and Up sell functionaltiy.

Custom Groups

Allow targeting to your already present customer group data.

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