Pet Care Online & E-Commerce Product Recommendation System

Turn Page Positions into Profit

Your online shelf space is hot, valuable property. The top positions are worth plenty and it’s time you got paid for them. Citrus lets Pet Care retailers maximise the money making potential of their digital assets like they do in-store and add new revenue to their bottom line.

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Get Paid For Your Online Shelf Space?
That’s A Nice Twist

For too long, retailers haven’t realised the true potential for their e-commerce websites. But that’s all changed, thanks to Citrus. Now you can fully monetise your valuable real estate and start controlling the flow of digital ad spend back to you. You’ve got the most targeted advertising platform on earth after all, so make the most of it.

Up to Now, The Available Technology Has Been A Bit Rotten

Manual Monetisation

Trying to monetise your online shelf space has traditionally been hampered by old or generic technology that just doesn’t cut it. Doing manual ad placements is time consuming, and trying to deal with all your suppliers individually is just plain messy.

Generic Ads for Everyone

True personalisation and precise targeting of your suppliers’ advertising has always been next to impossible. Currently, the static nature of ad placements served to irrelevant
audiences is affecting the customer experience and that’s bad news for you.

Poor Search Relevancy

Poor relevancy has always held e-commerce websites back. Search results driven by internal search engines are hit and miss, and product position on the shelf hasn’t been based on user behaviour or machine learning.

It’s Time To Grow Revenue The Easy Way

Citrus is an effortless solution to monetisation. It’s purpose built technology that makes ad placement seamless.

It allows your suppliers to create their own ads, freeing you up to concentrate on other things. Best of all, it’s a quick and easy install – just a few painless weeks of development and you’ll be reaping the rewards before you know it.

Add Some Zest To Your Bottom Line

This is online advertising at its scaleable best. Citrus’s smart design means each and every one of your suppliers can participate and compete, no matter their size or budget.

The machine based learning behind it all means anyone can log in and create a highly targeted, effective ad that’s relevant to their audience, and that means more competition for your spots.

Designed With Retailers In Mind

Citrus puts retailers first. It knows what’s most important to you, and makes that a priority.

It’s intelligent algorithm and relevancy engine ensures it creates the most monetised, individualised shopping experience for each and every one of your customers, and helps suppliers tailor ads based on customers by spend levels and category.

Your profit margin is even considered as part of the calculation.

Lightening The Load For Developers

You’ve got enough on your plate to be worrying about long integration periods or a complicated install process, so we’ve made it lusciously easy. Citrus is a light touch integration platform and is fast to install.

And, even with its powerful engine, it’s easy to use and easy to maintain.

Easy connectivity with Magento

For those of you that have chosen Magento as your e-Commerce platform, good news, Citrus has done the heavy lifting for you

Simply go to the Magento app store and install the plugin. Citrus is currently supporting Magento 2.0 stores.

Available December 2017

Private Label Zing

We couldn’t forget your Private Label products, you don’t want them missing out on all this sliced and diced action.

Our ‘Wild Card’ feature allows retailers to place private label products in top spots without paying a cent. What’s more, you’ll have the same targeting functionality as a normal ad campaign meaning you can target those customers most likely to buy your private label products and leave the rest to the mainstream brands. Handle with care, it’s a powerful feature.

A Few More Appetising Features


24/7 Support

Our success is your success and we know it takes teamwork to get results, that’s why we’re always ready to help. Whether it’s sales or technical related, just drop us line, no matter the time.

Dedicated Account Managers

DIY? That’s not our style, you’ll receive dedicated Citrus team members who’s roles are to ensure you and your suppliers succeed with Citrus. After all, this is a team game.

Secure & Compliant

Just like the taste of a lime, our security and compliance is razor sharp. Whether it’s Asymmetric Data Encryption, Anonymised user data or PCI compliant payments, we take the security of your data seriously

The Citrus platform was incredibly easy to install and the technical team were very good to work with. It was the missing piece of the jigsaw when it came to online monetisation for our retailers
Nathan Males – CEO, MyFoodLink

Starting with Citrus is Simple

Do It Yourself

Our easy to swallow and follow guides will get you going in a flash. Zing us an email anytime if you need help.

Let Us Help You

Cut to the chase and get us to help you. We’ve got Launch specialists ready for action and waiting for your call or email.

Work With A Partner

We can work hand in hand with you to get the result you need. Get one of our experts on the ground with you and start reaping the rewards.

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