Be Seen, Get Sold

If your product’s not in prime position on an e-commerce website,
it’s basically invisible. Shoppers typically look at just the top spots
or the first page, so that’s absolutely where you need to be to make
sales sing.

Citrus now puts pet care suppliers in control of your web
presence and does it with unparalleled targeting and measurement

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Now You Can Measure Impressions & Clicks Directly Against Sales.
Here’s Cheers To that!

At last, the hunt for true targeting, transparency and measurable ROI is over.
Forget relying on murky search or social platforms to advertise your products;
Citrus is a pure new era in performance, visibility and accountability.

Sharpen Up Your Marketing Spend

Why spend money on unknowns when you don’t have to? At Citrus, we think you should be able to measure expenditure against actual product sales, and be able to see what’s working and what’s not in real time. Citrus lets you steer your marketing dollars in the right direction and squeeze the most out of every cent you spend.

Here’s What’s Wrong With The Old Way

No Control

Advertisers currently have little or no control over where their products appear on e-commerce websites. But, that just doesn’t work when your ads are landing that far away from the real hot spots at the point of purchase.

No Purchase Data

Up to now, targeting your customers online has been more speculation than science. Old platforms rely just on demographics, and that’s simply not good enough when you’re fighting for market share.

No Clear ROI

A fog of uncertainty has always clouded measuring ROI. How do you really know if your ad spend resulted in a sale? At best you’re guessing, and that’s wasteful. It’s time to move on to a solution with a lot more sting.

It’s Time To Dominate The Point Of Purchase

Getting your ad spend working and appearing at the point of purchase is essential. This is where the clicks to cart are happening, not out there on the edges in banner ad land where no one is actually looking.

Even better, Citrus lets you pick prime position by letting you bid for the highest selling positions on a retailers site, which means you can own the space and get sales singing.

Target With Precision

Want clear-cut accuracy on your customer targeting? Citrus gives you a crisp, results driven solution that eliminates any guesswork or assumptions.

Now you can actually target customers by what they buy and their shopping profile, instead of relying on basic demographics to paint the picture. Get super focused and hone in on exactly the right audience – you can even target your competitors’ customers with ease.

Get Accurate, Measurable ROI

Unlike other solutions, Citrus lets you measure impressions and clicks directly against product sales, so there’s no grey areas when it comes to your ROI.

There’s no better or more accurate way to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing spend, so now you can set your sales goals with certainty and confidence.

Convince and Convert With Samples

When it comes to finding and converting new customers, nothing beats product sampling. Citrus lets you send free product samples to new prospects, and it tracks your campaign in real time to see if they’ve been converted.

You can finely tune who you send your product to, which means you can get it out there without any wastage.

Starting with Citrus is Simple

Do It Yourself

Our easy to swallow and follow guides will get you going in a flash. Zing us an email anytime if you need help.

Let Us Help You

Cut to the chase and get us to help you. We’ve got Launch specialists ready for action and waiting for your call or email.

Work With A Partner

We can work hand in hand with you to get the result you need. Get one of our experts on the ground with you and start reaping the rewards.

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A Few Mouth Watering Features



Target your audience with super sharp precision, and only pay for the customers you choose.

Premium Shelf Space

Take prime position on a retailer’s online store – after all, the top three spots are where the magic really happens.

Real ROI

Measure impressions and clicks directly against product sales and get rid of ROI grey areas once and for all.

Point of Purchase

Why advertise where your customer’s aren’t clicking? Citrus get you in front of potentially millions of customers right at the point of purchase.


Choose the type of campaign you want, and set your bid price and daily budgets. You can even choose which competitors you want to beat.

Pay Per Click

Forget wasting your marketing dollars on ads you hope is working: now you only pay for actual click and customers.

Citrus for Retailers

Citrus for Suppliers