Tech Data uses Citrus digital ad platform technology

IT distributor Tech Data announces that it has expanded its online sales platform InTouch with sponsored ads for product search results and targeted banner ads. This is achieved in collaboration with Citrus, a supplier of digital advertising platforms.

This expansion of InTouch allows Tech Data to offer a better personalized user experience to customers in its European regions. And thanks to the advanced data analysis and machine learning from Citrus, suppliers get clearer insight into the return on investment in their digital marketing activities, according to the distributor.

Resellers who use InTouch take advantage of personalized search results, product suggestions, and banner ads tailored to their buying behavior and search history. Suppliers can target ads to specific groups of customers and offer resellers new proposals when they search for products and make purchase decisions. Suppliers manage their own sponsored search ads with a fully automated, cloud-based self-service process that offers greater transparency and flexibility, according to Tech Data.

Andy Gass, Senior Vice-President Digital and UK & Ireland at Tech Data, said: "With this expansion of InTouch, we are making a top-class e-commerce platform even better for partners and suppliers. With the help of Citrus' advanced digital advertising functionality, we can now offer resellers more effective profitable opportunities and added value, and they can make the right purchase decisions faster. Our suppliers can take full advantage of more detailed analyzes and insights into user behavior, so that they can choose the digital marketing activities that give them a clear return on their investment. All this means that Tech Data is better positioned to accelerate the growth and transformation of the companies of our channel partners,

Brad Moran, CEO at Citrus, said the company is extremely pleased with the integration of Citrus technology into Tech Data's e-commerce platform: "We are extremely proud that a leading company such as Tech Data is launching our technology in Europe. Our platform will not only improve and personalize the online store experiences of Tech Data's customers, but also provide their suppliers with a highly targeted and measurable digital advertising system. " 

InTouch digital invert functionality is now live in the UK, France, Germany and Belgium and will be introduced throughout Europe in the coming quarter.

InTouch is the web-based sales platform of Tech Data in Europe with which partners have access to thousands of products, solutions and services from the full portfolio of the distributor. The site is visited by an average of 60,000 partners per day and generates more than five million sales per year *. InTouch is part of a suite of specialized tools and programs from Tech Data to stimulate digital sales, including StreamOne, Digital On-Demand and Software Store.

"Since its start almost 20 years ago, InTouch has established itself as the central strategic e-commerce platform of Tech Data, which establishes a link between the solutions of our suppliers and the Tech Data partners across the region. Our collaboration with Citrus allows us to take advantage of the phenomenal volume of data produced by these interactions. In this way we can continue to develop InTouch as the preferred platform for online sales of our channel ", added Gass.

Published by Dutch IT Channel

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