ZALORA Sponsored Ads & Banner Ads

ZALORA is changing the landscape of digital advertising. With our native ad serving technology, we are giving YOU the power to own premium digital shelf space that effectively increases your sales and brand awareness.

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What are Sponsored Ads?

Advertisers will be able to promote their products to the top of ZALORA's website and track the performance of those products in real time.


Advertisers use the CitrusAd Admin Portal to select products, budgets, advertising strategies and “keywords” that you wish for your products to appear at the top of the page for. 


Promote Your Products

Promote your products to prime ZALORA positioning and track their performance in real time.

Promote into native and relevant listings

Target your campaigns

Performance based cost per click platform

No minimum spend

What are Banner Ads?

Upload your banners into category and search result pages and improve your marketshare!

Banners are linked to your products and only show on relevant pages, meaning your banners show at the right time!


Banner Advertising

Seamlessly place banner ad creative to the top of category and search results within the ZALORA sites.

Select desired positions, budgets, strategies and keywords

Banners are only shown on relevant pages and have their own relevancy score

Cost per impression auction

The Benefits

Why waste money where your customers aren't buying?

Point of Purchase

Advertising at the point of purchase gets you in front of customers when they are ready to spend.

Manage SKU's Individually

Advertisers can also decide which individual products they would like to place into search result and category pages.

Real Time Reporting

CitrusAd binds every impression and click to a sale giving you real time ROI. You are also able to download any reports via CSV for internal reporting and usage.

Increase Visibility

Advertisers are able to bid on key positioning within their respective category pages and relevant search terms.

Performance Only

CitrusAd is an auction based model. CPC for Sponsored Ads & CPM for Banner Ads. It is instantly familiar and pay for performance only.

An Easy To Use Ad Platform

The CitrusAd system enables you to create ads in second.

Select Your Budget

You are in full control of your ad spend including how much you’d like to spend per product SKU, per day and the maximum you are prepared to pay to be shown to the customer.

Select Your Products

Your products will automatically be loaded into the ad system allowing you to search for your products by name or barcode and add them to your campaign.

Target Your Audience

Further refine your customer targeting by adding “search terms” that match your target audience. This function means your ads will appear when the search term is entered by a customer.

Advanced Features

Advanced information and functionality to create powerful campaigns. 

Product Stock Indication

Make informed decisions about your advertised products based on if they are in stock. Ads are not served for products that are out of stock.

Average Winning Bids

Viewing the average winning bids per price range allows you to stay informed with the best bids for your promoted products.

Top Search Terms

Easily add relevant top ranking search terms to your campaigns to push your visibility in high traffic searches.

Campaign Date Ranges

Promoting your products over set date ranges allows you to 'set and forget' your campaigns to align with important dates for your brand.


Such as a packaging change, a re-launch, or a seasonal product activation.

Daily or Total Spend

Select between daily advertising spend or total spend options. Both options, whilst strategically different, ensure that you never spend more than desired on a particular product.

Real Time Reporting

The CitrusAd Reporting Dashboard give you real time insights to important KPI's such as:

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Sales generated from each ad

  • Sales Uplift month over month (sponsored products only)

  • Top performing search terms

  • Average cost per click

  • Click through rate

  • Individual SKU level reports 

  • Reporting by time period (date range)

  • Your Exact ROI

Get Started

Simply register your company. Once you’ve verified your email you can begin creating ads right away.

You can either use a credit card online, or pay on 45 day payment terms through CitrusAd. If you want more information about the program and what it can do for your brand, please get in touch and we’d be more than happy to take you through how to use the solution.


Email us at or set yourself up by clicking the link below​​